Hybrid Contact Lenses

What are Hybrid Contact Lenses?

Hybrid Contact Lenses consist of a rigid gas permeable surrounded by a soft skirt. They in theory provide the vision of a GP lens with the comfort of a soft lens. Hybrid lenses correct for corneal astigmatism. Hybrid Lenses also require a fitting process to get the best fit for comfort. The current options of Hybrid lenses we provide are Duette HD, and Duette Progressive by SynergEyes®.

Transform your vision with Duette!

Imagine walking outside, and everything looks clearer and sharper than you’ve ever seen it before. Transform your vision with Duette contact lenses, advanced-technology lenses to help you achieve better vision, even if you have astigmatism!

The new Tangible Hydra-PEG coating can now be ordered on Duette lenses to enhance your lens wearing experience. Duette with Tangible Hydra-PEG patients describe all-day comfort. And they’re designed especially for people who need to meet the uncompromising vision demands of their profession or lifestyle.



Great Vision

Great Vision

Duette’s rigid center delivers great vision that is not dependent on the position of the lens, so your vision stays consistently clear…even when you blink, when you lie down and at the end of a long day.

Duette  is free from “toric lens rotation” so your vision won’t go in and out of focus.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

UV Blocker—The “rigid” (GP) portion of the lens includes a UVA and UVB blocker to help protect your eyes from the sun.



Duette’s rigid center and soft skirt are made of highly breathable materials, so your eyes get a steady stream of nourishing oxygen throughout the day to keep your eyes white, bright and healthy.



Duette’s soft skirt delivers the comfort of a soft contact lens to keep your eyes comfortable from morning until night.


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